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Portland Timbers @ San Jose Earthquakes Match Thread [8:00 pm]

The Portland Timbers take on the San Jose Earthquakes once again, only this time on the road.

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Tonight the Portland Timbers will take on the San Jose Earthquakes once again. I would like to say that it will be a pretty game. That the Timbers will, once again, play a high possession, high passing game that ultimately leads to plenty of goals, but it will probably be a slug-fest of a match. Make no mistake, San Jose will play physically and they will be trying to knock around our guys, especially if they feel the Timbers are out-performing them.

The good news is that, more so than any other time in Timbers' MLS history, this feels like a team that is able to win confidently on the road. It might not be pretty, but I firmly believe they can pull it off tonight.

Here are the details you need for tonight's match.

General Information

Watch it on: ROOT SPORTS

Kick off: 8:00pm at Buck Shaw Stadium, San Jose.

San Jose Earthquakes: 8 points in the Western Conference.

Portland Timbers: 9 points in the Western Conference.

Starting Line Ups

Portland Timbers: Coming soon!

San Jose Earthquakes: Coming soon!

Final Thoughts

The Timbers are still in good shape for the season. 9 points out of 6 games isn't a terrible way to start off the season. In fact, compared to other teams, it's pretty good. If they can pull off 6 of a possible 9 points from San Jose tonight it would go a long way toward a successful season. Of course, there's also the fact that San Jose has yet to beat the Timbers, something I certainly wouldn't mind sticking beyond tonight.