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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: The Brick Wall

One week after the Portland Timbers 1-0 home win over the San Jose Earthquakes the two teams faced off again in a 1-1 draw at Buck Shaw Stadium. Who, though, was the Timbers' Man of the Match?


With the midfield struggling at times against the Quakes' high pressure defense, the Timbers defense had to step up and were almost able to hold on to the clean sheet before getting undone in stoppage time. Who was the biggest roadblock against San Jose and who deserves to be the Timbers' Man of the Match?

Geoff: Donovan Ricketts

Easy choice for me tonight. Aside from the last minute goal (you can only ask so much of him), Ricketts was a brick wall tonight. I knew it was going to be a good night for him when he stopped Chris Wondolowski's shot in the first half with his hand. It's unfortunate his shut out streak has ended as he thoroughly deserved one tonight.

Will: Donovan Ricketts

Ricketts came up huge with his one on one save against Chris Wondolowski, but that was not his only contribution on the night as he put up three more saves (four according to the MLS Chalkboard) and generally commanded his box, keeping the defense organized despite the Timbers relative failure at holding possession as the game wore on.

Ryan: Donovan Ricketts

I can't make an argument for anyone but Ricketts. His first save of the game looked routine but it was anything but. His second save was more than likely save of the week. His third save against Sam Garza was more due to the inability of Garza to get the ball out from under his feet than Rickett's own skills but it was his movement off of the line that caused Garza to panic. Without Ricketts Portland lose for the first time on the road, instead they are undefeated in the last 5 and on the road this year.

Andy: Donovan Ricketts

First MOTM to a keeper in the Ricketts era for me, if I'm remembering right, and I must say that's a bad thing. I'd much prefer our boys to earn a point or three on the basis of dominant possession and staunch defending rather than the keeper's heroism. Like it or not, though, the Timbers owe Sunday's result to their netminder -- he was definitely the difference between a draw and a loss.

Stacey: Donovan Ricketts

There were a number of times when Ricketts saved the Timbers as they looked ready to concede the first goal or give up a much earlier equalizer than they actually did. He made some huge saves, including one that was basically one on one with arguably the best goalscorer in MLS, and he was confident on crosses and corners against a team that is so good in the air. Without his outstanding performance, this game sure looks like a loss for Portland.

There are our picks, but what are yours? Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.