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Portland Timbers @ San Jose Earthquakes Player Ratings: Round Two... Fight!

The Portland Timbers traveled to San Jose to take on the Earthquakes in what would be a gritty, physical match.


I'm still feeling a little deflated after last weekend's draw. The Portland Timbers came so close to their first road win of the season. While they might not have lost yet away from home, I can't help but feel a little let down. Additionally, those last 10 minutes or so of the game brought back bad memories from the previous season. Too much frantic, boot out of the box type play and not enough control. Granted, San Jose, for their part, just continually lobbed it in and hoped for something, anything to happen.

Anyway, here are you individual player ratings:

Starting XI

Donovan Ricketts - 8

Will: Ricketts should have a higher rating after his fantastic save against Chris Wondolowski, but the reality is that in a game where the Timbers were being forced to pass back to Ricketts time and again, he could not link up with the rest of the team at all. In the second half Ricketts completed one pass to a Timbers player and missed fourteen. Much of that is, again, thanks to the pressure and aerial abilities of San Jose, but it needs to be better if the Timbers are going to be able to see of tight games like this one and like they will probably see this weekend in Kansas City.

Jack Jewsbury - 4

Will: Against San Jose Jack may have put in his poorest showing since being put in the right back position, and much of that is down to one momentary lapse that cost the Timbers two points and their first road win of 2013. On San Jose's tying goal, Jewsbury was marked up on Adam Jahn, but he peeled off to chase Steven Lenhart's flicked on ball, one he had no chance of getting, leaving Jahn all alone and with all the time in the world to slot the ball into the back of the net. The rest of Jewsbury's game was unspectacular, mostly in a good way.

Mikael Silvestre - 6

Ryan: Once again he was solid in the back for the Timbers. The few shaky moments he did have were created by the sub par performance of his centerback partner.

Futty Danso - 3

Ryan: Steven Lenhart had his way with Futty in the aerial battles. One of the main reasons San Jose looked so different offensively is due the fact that Lenhart was able to win headers in dangerous positions in the second game and this is because of Futty's sub par performance.

Michael Harrington - 3

Andy: Certainly his worst match as a Timber, Harrington looked quite uncomfortable the whole match, no more so than when he nearly assisted Sam Garza. Somehow I think he'll get his mojo back against his former team this weekend, though.

Diego Chara - 6

Ryan: Chara was Chara. As one commenter suggested there might be more than one Chara on the field because he pops up everywhere.

Will Johnson - 5

Will: Captain Will was the heart and soul of the team once again, but as the game wore on he went from a pivot point through which the ball could be cycled to a sure thing to pass it back to the defense who would eventually cede possession. An excellent press from San Jose as they fought for the equalizer shut Will down and, in doing so, shut down the Timbers.

Diego Valeri - 7

Andy: Valeri displayed all of the decisiveness we've been missing since his head injury ended his day against Houston. His incisive passes may not always find their target, they always instill panic in the minds of opposing defenders.

Darlington Nagbe - 4

Ryan: On a night when Portland needed a little more possession to take the sting out of the game Nagbe just seemed off. With Nagbe not on his game the Timbers' possession suffered as a result.

Rodney Wallace - 4

Geoff: Wallace just didn't seem to be as effective as he was the previous week. However, in terms of player positions, for this game he also drew the short end of the stick. In starting the match San Jose brought back two of their regular starters in Shea Salinas and Steven Beitashour, both of who caused problems for Wallace all night long.

Ryan Johnson - 6

Andy: I like watching Johnson. He's an honest striker, makes great runs, and is really developing an understanding with the midfield. There's still room for improvement, but that only gives me more hope for how much more he'll be able to do this season.


Kalif Alhassan - 5

Geoff: No patented jazz hands or shrosses for Alhassan. His subbing in for Valeri had the unfortunate side effect of removing much of the creativity in the midfield, something that was pivotal for the Timbers' goal.

Frederic Piquionne - 5

Geoff: I like Piquionne's physicality and his willingness to run down pretty much every ball. Unfortunately, he was subbed on during a time when the Timbers decided to bunker down and lob balls out the back. While he had some nice defensive plays, his offensive efforts were minimal.

Ben Zemanski - N/A

Geoff: Zemanski simply didn't play long enough to be judged fairly.

What are your player ratings for the Timbers vs. Earthquakes game? Do you agree or disagree with our own?