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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: Quick Turnaround

The Portland Timbers held a closed practice this morning as they look to complete a quick turnaround for this Thursday's match against the New England Revolution.

William Conwell

With only two days to practice after returning from Kansas City, the Portland Timbers held a brief practice session at their Beaverton Training Facility. The Timbers went through their usual warmups and a passing drill today before practice was closed to the press.

Thanks to the week's Thursday night game against the New England Revolution, the Timbers were already looking forward to their next opponent at practice today. Caleb Porter was quick to warn against complacency, saying that the Revolution are "a good team" and that they "have shown that they can get results against very good teams."

Porter also noted about the Timbers, "We learned that we have a good team who are capable of getting a result against anybody, home or away. That doesn't mean that it is going to happen without being hungry and performing well."

After practice, Jack Jewsbury pointed to New England's recent 2-0 win over the Philadelphia Union as something that will give them some self confidence coming in to this week's game.

"They are going to come in here being very confident, we expect that. Again, we have got to continue to be consistent in the way that we play, the way we press, and continue to create chances. I think with the group we have, we are starting to expect to win, not going out hoping to win, and that is huge. There is a ton of confidence amongst the group right now."

Injuries and Absences

After coming out of Saturday's game against Sporting Kansas City with a knee injury in the 71', Futty Danso was back on the training pitch today, still practicing as the session closed. According to Caleb Porter, Futty will play in Thursday's game.

Will Johnson, who missed training with the team in Portland last week while he visited his father, is back in town and practicing with the team.

Michael Nanchoff trained with the team today after missing several days of practice last week with an injury.

David Horst, Brent Richards, and Bright Dike all continued their absences due to long term injury.

Hanyer Mosquera continued his leave of absence in Colombia.

Guest Player

Surprise, it is David Meves!