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Portland Timbers vs. Houston Dynamo Prediction Thread

The Portland Timbers take on the Houston Dynamo, how do you think the game will turn out?

Bob Levey

Tomorrow evening the Portland Timbers will take on the Houston Dynamo at home for the first time in four weeks. It's an exciting prospect because not only have we not seen the Timbers play a game in person in quite a long while, but also because with a home game comes another change up in formation. At the very least we can expect to see a similar formation as what we saw against the New York Red Bulls, but perhaps head coach Caleb Porter has something entirely different up his sleeve.

That's for you to figure out as you attempt to come up with your own prediction for tomorrow night's match.

As usual here's what we need:

  1. Game score and who those the goals are for.
  2. Who scored those goals?
  3. Which half?

Last week saw nobody even get the scoreline right, though, admittedly, 2-2 draws are somewhat of a rarity. This week, you'll have the advantage being that home games are typically heavily favoring the home team. Good luck!

What's your prediction for the Portland Timbers vs. Houston Dynamo match?