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Rumor: Hanyer Mosquera Finds a New Team?

Hanyer Mosquera has sent out a tweet that suggests he has moved on from the Portland Timbers.


Back on March 18th the Portland Timbers announced that Hanyer Mosquera was taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team. The only thing we could get the team to comment on was that the leave was not emergency related. There was a lot of speculation about whether Mosco would be coming back to the Timbers. A tweet from Mosco today may have but an end to that speculation.

For those of you who do not speak Spanish here is the translated tweet (For those that do please correct the translation if needed):

Happy to be in the capital, preparing me in l physical part to be ten points for a new challenge in my career.

The key to the tweet is the mention of a physical and the fact that he calls it "a new challenge" in his career. What do you think of this new development? Do the Timbers need to get another CB?