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David Horst Undergoes Successful Knee Surgery; Defensive Depth is Now a Real Problem

David Horst has successfully underwent knee surgery following is early-game injury against the Houston Dynamo.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Good news! According to a press release issued yesterday, Portland Timbers defender David Horst is well on his way to recovery. According to the press release, he suffered a displaced tibial plateau fracture of his right leg, which I think we all saw from the multiple replays that ensued after it happened.

Bad news! Given that this is such a serious injury, despite the successful operation, Horst is still expected to be out for the considerable future, 6 months if the press release is to be believed. This development begins to show how shallow the Timbers' center back defensive positions are.

Here's who the Timbers have so far that are available for play, ordered in order of depth:

  1. Mikael Silvestre
  2. Andrew Jean-Baptiste
  3. Dylan Tucker-Gangnes
  4. Futty Danso

And really Futty or Dylan could switch places as I'm not entirely sure where they stand next to each other. Regardless, without David Horst and with Hanyer Mosqerua on an indefinite leave, the Timbers' back line prospects are looking worrisome. If Silvestre goes out with an injury, which is very possible, the situation could become pretty dire.

My guess is that we'll see a new centerback soon. If not within the next couple weeks then surely by Summer.

What do you think of Horst's injury? What about our defensive depth at back?