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Rumor: The Portland Timbers Set To Extend Contracts and Sign a New Player

Merritt Paulson was up to his old tricks again and sent out a teasing tweet which suggested the Timbers were about so sign a new player. In the same tweet he also hinted at contract extensions for current Portland Timbers.


Yesterday Merritt Paulson was up to his old tricks again as he sent out a tweet suggesting that an annoucement about a contract extension. A lot of people speculating and hoping the announcement had to do with Diego Valeri. I hazard a different guess and got a response from MP.

Here is the sequence of the tweets:

I responded with this:

His answer was this:

It is safe to assume there will be multiple player extensions announced soon and at least one player signing. I also think that the response to my guess elicited a response because it was correct but it is pure speculation.

So the question to you is who do you think got contract extensions and who are the Timbers going to sign?