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Portland Timbers Postscript: Draws are the New Black

The Timbers are racking up draws like they're going out of style.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

By the Numbers


Percentage of matches in the Portland Timbers' first two MLS years that ended in draws


Percentage of matches so far in 2013 that have ended in draws


Average current points per match of the Timbers' opponents to date (good enough for 8th place overall)


Average current points per match of FC Dallas' opponents to date (good enough for 11th)


Number of goals Darlington Nagbe has scored in his career, the most of any Timber in the MLS era
(much respect to @ChrisRifer for drawing my attention to that tidbit)


Number of Timbers players who have scored more goals than Nagbe across all Timbers eras
(thanks to @TheMikeDonovan)

Moment of the Match

In the 32nd minute, Diego Chara chased down David Ferreira, starting halfway between the center line and Dallas' goal and ending in Portland's penalty box, where Chara still had the composure to perfectly tackle the ball away from him.

Part of what made it so moment-of-the-match-worthy was the lengths Chara went to prevent the shot. But it was also a good example of Andrew Jean-Baptiste's inexperience.

As Ferreira ran towards him with the ball, AJB oddly chose to plant himself square to Ferreira's run, perhaps thinking Ferreira might try to dribble through him. Instead, his odd positioning decision gave Ferreira the opportunity to play a simple wall pass to Blas Perez, easily slipping past him into open space with only the keeper to beat.

Chara, thankfully, saw the whole play develop and understood that Ferreira was the guy to beat. And beat him he did -- just in the nick of time.

Injuries and Bookings

The Timbers tried out an exciting new strategy against Dallas -- they decided not to get any of their center-backs injured. Or anyone else for that matter.

Meanwhile, Andrew Jean-Baptiste and Ben Zemanski each picked up their second yellow cards of the season.

Around the League

Sporting Kansas City 0:1 Seattle Sounders

The disciplinary committee is like Peter Falk's character in The Princess Bride sometimes. How many games did Eddie Johnson get for his antics against Philadelphia? 3? 4? "None. They let him play."

You mean he wins? Jesus, grandpa, why did you make me watch this?

San Jose Earthquakes 2:1 Toronto FC

Speaking of things I'd rather not have watched, Toronto FC made a game of it on Wednesday, scoring early, but as usual they let the Quakes bounce the ball around the penalty area until it glanced off Chris Wondolowski's body and into the net. In the final ten minutes. Again.