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Portland Timbers Training Quotes and Notes: Dangerous and Unpredictable

The Portland Timbers held their only full training session between the FC Dallas and Chivas USA matches this morning at Jeld Wen Field.


Another closed session, the team got a late start this time, moseying onto the field at about 10:30 and starting formal warm ups after about 10 minutes.

Before the session started, Sebastian Rincon, Jose Adolfo Valencia, Diego Chara, Kalif Alhassan, and Andrew Jean-Baptiste all did some experimenting with putting spin on the ball while passing in a circle. The FieldTurf seems to let the ball spin for much longer than grass would. On game days the water sprayed on the field would likely diminish that spin somewhat, but it was interesting to see nonetheless.

The players had already progressed to the locker room by the time the press was allowed back onto the field. Several of the coaches lingered on the field for a bit and practiced some crosses and headers in front of goal.

Caleb Porter talked with the press after the session, repeatedly using the word "dangerous" with reference to Chivas USA.

They've scored a lot of goals. I think they've scored twelve goals. So, they're a dangerous team because they're capable -- they've shown that. They're also a dangerous team because they're unpredictable. And they definitely play to win.

He did not comment further about the criticism he had for Wednesday's referee, saying he had moved on and hadn't thought about it since that day, but he will continue to speak his mind.

Asked about whether he thinks players have as much responsibility as referees to keep the game clean, Porter said it all depends on how they approach the game.

Our club, we're always going to approach the game with an edge and a bite, and we're gonna fight, we're gonna scrap. But we're never going to be dirty or cheap.

You're not going to see it out of our team, because we don't talk about trying to manipulate the game in order to get a play or a call.

Injuries and Absences

The Timbers picked up no new knocks in the Dallas match on Wednesday, so the team was at the expected level of strength. Ryan Johnson, who missed the session immediately prior to the Dallas match, was back in training as usual.

Pa Modou Kah was still not present, as his various paperwork issues are still in process. I spotted Futty Danso and Andrew Jean-Baptiste talking things over before the session started -- expect to see them reprise the roles they played on Wednesday.

Still recovering from injuries are Bright Dike, Brent Richards, David Horst, and Mikael Silvestre. Hanyer Mosquera remains on his leave of absence.

Trialists and Guests

Rauwshan McKenzie made a return to the training pitch as a trialist. He is a former Chivas USA defender who had been on trial earlier in the season.

Also, David Meves. Actually, to be totally honest, I forgot to make note of Meves, but I assume he was there.