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Portland Thorns FC @ Chicago Red Stars Match Thread [3:00 pm]

The Portland Thorns travel to Chicago once again in an effort to maintain their undefeated record.

The Portland Thorns are so far undefeated this season. It's an impressive feat, but not nearly good enough to distance themselves from the competition. Both Sky Blue FC and the Boston Breakers are nipping at their heels. Should the Thorns falter today against Chicago it would see them level with SBFC. Still, if nothing else, the Thorns have proven that they're not easily dominated and, if Chicago's previous home game against them is anything to go by, we could be looking at another solid three points today.

Here are the details for today's game:

General Information

Watch it on: LIVE STREAM (also below)

Kick off: 3:00 pm at Benedictine University Sports Complex Stadium, Chicago

Portland Thorns FC: 10 points.

Chicago Red Stars: 2 points.

Starting Lineups

Portland Thorns FC: Karina LeBlanc, Marian Dougherty, Kat Williamson, Rachel "Bacon Saver" Buehler, Nikki Marshall, Allie Long, Becky Edwards, Meleana Shim, Christine Sinclair (c), Alex Morgan

Chicago Red Stars: (Note: Red Stars posted this in alphabetical order.) Zakiya Bywaters, Lori Chalupny, Lauren Fowlkes, Taryn Hemmings, Ella Masar, Erin McLeod, Carmelina Moscato, Leslie Osborne, Rachel Quon, Julianne Sitch, Lydia Vandenburgh

Live Stream

Final Thoughts

Not much to say about the game that I or Jonanna haven't already pointed out. All I will say, however, is that I hope Chicago has a better feed for the game. Last time the Thorns played them, the online stream was in terrible condition and made watching the game a real chore. It seems to be a consistent problem with the league at large, but Chicago's was especially bad. We'll see...

NOTE: The Timbers game plays during the same time as the first part of the Thorns game. Please do not post spoilers for that game in this thread. Instead please use the Timbers match thread.