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Cascadia Dominated California in MLS This Weekend

The weekend's game provided plenty of excitement for Timbers fans, but it also heralded a cross-regional beat down.

Jonathan Ferrey

The Portland Timbers played Chivas USA yesterday and emerged with a confident 3-nil victory. That much should be known by most Timbers fans at this point. What might not be as well known, however, is that MLS set up the weekend, either intentionally or not, as a sort of Cascadia vs. California event. In what can only be described as a beat down, Cascadian clubs thoroughly trumped their California competition.

Here were the final scores for all three games:

  • Seattle Sounders vs. San Jose Earthquakes 4 - nil
  • Vancouver Whitecaps vs. LA Galaxy 3 - 1
  • Portland Timbers vs. Chivas USA 3 - nil

You'll rarely see me congratulating the victories of the Sounders or Whitecaps, but in this instance, I can't help but feel a bit of regional pride.

The obvious reason to be happy is perhaps because Seattle's and Vancouver's respective victories immensely helped out the Timbers. Both LA and San Jose were nipping at the Timbers heels with 14 points. Their loss gives the Boys in Green a comfortable 4 point lead.

More than that though, it's kind of nice to see our Pacific Northwest (Southwest for Vancouver) clubs dominate teams that represent much larger and perhaps more nationally identifiable cities. Granted the games were all home games for Cascadia, it's still an impressive feat.

This was a rare occurrence obviously. All six clubs won't play each other in this manner over a single weekend often. Nor can we expect them to always be this dominating. As such, I say relish the moment. While it's nice to bask in the Timbers' victory yesterday, it's also nice to bask in our regional victory.

Oh and don't worry about me getting all regional-proud. I'll be back to my normal Cascadia rival hate tomorrow, especially as we gear up for the big Cascadia Cup game this weekend.

What do you think of the Cascadian domination of California this past weekend?