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Portland Timbers vs. Chivas USA Player Ratings: RodWal Edition

The Portland Timbers took on Chivas USA this past Sunday in what can only be described as a dominating performance.

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Everybody knew the odds were stacked against Chivas USA this past Sunday. Their star keeper was out on suspension. A couple injuries kept their squad hampered. Their most prominent youth striker was traded to the New England Revolution. Really, it would have been a surprise had they not lost. Still, the Portland Timbers didn't just win the match, they dominated it. Every stat was in their favor. While a second half surge by Chivas USA provided a couple solid attempts, they ultimately never really stood a chance.

Here are the Timbers' individual ratings:

Starting XI

Donovan Ricketts: 7

Ryan: Hard to give him anything higher as he had very little to do in the back. However his perfect throw to Valeri was something that I would like to see replicated over the rest of the season. Too bad Portland can't "stuff the ballot" to earn him another SOTW.

Jack Jewsbury: 6

Geoff: A solid night for Jewsbury. He seemed to keep most of the attacks coming down his right side muted enough. Of course, anytime a game is a shutout for your team, it's a solid night for the backline.

Futty Danso: 5

Will: Generally solid and dangerous in the attack, but held back by some lax marking on Chivas's precious few corners.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste: 7

Andy: I'm giving AJB bonus points for being this week's most improved Timber. Yes, he didn't experience the kind of harassment Dallas gave him. And his forays into the attacking half left a bit to be desired. But he showed an understanding of the game and the flow of the opposing attack that fans have been waiting to see from him.

Michael Harrington: 4

Will: As has been pointed out by everyone and their mother (it was a Mother's Day game, after all), Harrington looked all tuckered out by the end of his shift. As the final minutes of the match ticked away, anything that resembled an attack from Chivas came straight at and around Harrington. Mr. Mo' Money has put in a lot of work this season and the miles are starting to show.

Diego Chara: 9

Will: Chara was everywhere against Chivas USA, both in the attack and on defense. In fact, he is behind you right now! Ok, I was joking, but he covered enough ground on Sunday that it wouldn't really have surprised you if he was actually behind you as we speak, right?

Will Johnson: 8

Will: He didn't quite have as great of a game on defense as his midfield partner, but Will Johnson scored a cracker of a goal and was more than solid in his other duties as well.

Diego Valeri: 9

Andy: Valeri created so many chances, challenged well for the ball, played a role in all three goals, and never let up.

Darlington Nagbe: 7

Andy: Nagbe got battered a bit, as Chivas sometimes put three men on him, but he still moved the ball well and set up some great chances, including one of the goals.

Ryan Johnson: 6

Andy: He had a few too many offside calls for my liking against Chivas, but he more than made up for them with a couple of terrific back heels and a marvelous assist of Wallace for the Timbers' first goal.

Rodney Wallace: 10

Ryan: The first two years a lot of people were on the #RWOUT bandwagon and no one was applying to be president of his fan club, well everyone except for The Mike Donovan. His performance against Chivas, however, should get everyone onto the RodWal bandwagon. The goal showed off his hidden finishing ability. His assist showed just how dangerous he can be when he is around the box with the ball. He even finished the game off as the left back.


Frederic Piquionne: 5

Will: Piquionne ran around well, and despite the fact that he did not score, he created some good chances for his teammates to keep the pressure on Chivas as the game wrapped itself up. Still, if there was any time for him to break his duck, it was against an already giving up Chivas side that would rather waste time in the last few minutes than try to pull a goal back.

Ben Zemanski: 6

Geoff: Mr. Versatile himself, Zemanski slotted right into Jewsbury's right back position when Jewsbury came off and picked up right where he left off. While his good performance might have come due to a perceived weakness in Michael Harrington's left back spot, he still maintained through the end of the match.

Kalif Alhassan: 7

Geoff: Alhassan took over for a struggling Nagbe and really made the most of his time on the field. While we saw plenty of jazz hands, all his crosses were actually that... crosses! Even better they were decent crosses. The fact that he got the assist for Will Johnson's 92nd minute goal is just icing on the cake.


What are your individual player ratings?