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Portland Thorns FC Scorers Will Be Given Roses to Signify the Event

Where Portland Timbers' players have log slices, the Portland Thorns' players will have roses given to them. has an interesting story on a new tradition that will follow the Portland Thorns's home games from now on. According to the story, after each game the scorer's will be presented with roses much in the same way the Timbers' scorers are presented with log slices. While perhaps roses aren't as loud and boisterous as a big heavy slab of wood (and the sawing that goes with it) the meaning behind it is no less impactful.

You see, the roses aren't just gifted by anybody. There's no Thorns player or media representative waiting and handing them out as players walk by. Instead, the team has partnered with Portland's local chapter of Girls, Inc. a group dedicated to empowering young women. It's these young women, as part of Girls, Inc., who will be handing out the roses after the game.

For the first game of the season, Thorns FC invited Bella and Megan from Da Vinci Middle School to participate in the rose ceremony.

Bella is a 7th grader who founded her own non-profit organization Talent For A Cause which raises money for the World Wildlife Federation through talent shows.

"It was very special to present roses to the two girls who shot their first goals of the season," said Bella. "I loved meeting the girls and walking onto the field for everyone to see. I loved it."

It's the start of a great tradition, I think. What better way to connect young girls to the power of sport than through an initiative such as this?

So when the Thorns take the field tonight against Sky Blue FC, look forward to the rose ceremony shortly afterward, in much the same fashion as the Timbers log slice ceremony. According to that same article, Girls, Inc. will be gifting roses after each and every home game.

What do you think of this new Thorns tradition?