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Portland Thorns FC Suffer First Loss of the Season Against Sky Blue FC 1 - 0

The Portland Thorns found themselves on the receiving end of a coordinated team which saw them lose their first match of the year.

Well we all knew it had to happen at some point. It's just a shame that it had to happen during their second home game and the first in the last few weeks. The Thorns managed to keep Sky Blue's chances relatively muted all night, but a shot from outside the box by Lytle saw Sky Blue FC go up late in the second half.

Ultimately, what seemed to be missing from tonight's Thorns squad was the same coordination and focus we've seen from them in the past. I'm not sure if it's a mental thing from playing so many away games in a row, or if they were just due for a loss, but something definitely seemed amiss. Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair especially seemed to be off their A-games as each failed to capitalize on numerous chances.

The real star of the show was perhaps Sky Blue's defensive backline led by Christine Rampone. While Morgan and Sinclair had problems by themselves, Rampone and her crew certainly kept any other danger created by the Thorns minimized. Danielle Foxhoven might have been the singular exception to that, but she wasn't on nearly long enough to make a huge impact.

With tonight's loss and Sky Blue's win, this effectively evens out the two teams in the standings. Portland should still have the technical lead with the higher Goals For and Goal Differential, though I'm actually not 100% sure how the NWSL breaks that down just yet.

What do you think of the Thorns' first ever loss?