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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Coming Round the Bend

After an adversity plagued match in the great white north, the Timbers still found a way to come home with a point and we find a way to pick the day's top performer in this week's Man of the Match.

We have not yet gotten any photos from yesterday's game, so here is Camillo crying in 2011.
We have not yet gotten any photos from yesterday's game, so here is Camillo crying in 2011.
Jeff Vinnick

If the old adage that good teams get results even when not playing at their best is true than the Timbers must be a good team indeed. The TImbers were nowhere near their top form as they took on Vancouver with their nine game unbeaten streak and Cascadia Cup glory on the line, but despite injuries, cards, and plenty of missed opportunities, the Timbers came out of the match with a point to show for their troubles.

Out of the mess we managed to find our picks for Man of the Match. Check them out then be sure to vote in the poll below and let us know your pick in the comments.

Geoff: Jose Adolfo Valencia

Nobody else to give it to really. Without El Trencito, the Timbers lose this match. He was absolutely the difference maker. Not only that, however, but he got the goal based purely on his own technical skill and rational mind. A hundred other player would have botched that chance. He didn't. If this doesn't put him on Caleb Porter's radar, I don't know what will.

Andy: Diego Chara

I know, Chara's almost the default when the team doesn't have a great day but still gets a result. But that's because no matter how the team as a whole is doing, Chara always plays his game. He was at it again this time, starting out the match playing high up the pitch, but gradually filling in defensively as the game progressed. He did it all with as much energy and drive as he does every game day.

Ryan: Diego Chara

He was everywhere. At times he was joining the attack, at other times he was playing CB and at others he was on the wings. Like many other games he helped the defense and then 10 seconds later he would pop in the attack and near Vancouver's box. He truly has shown he is a box to box midfielder.

Will: Jose Adolfo Valencia

Against Vancouver, Trencito was just what the Timbers needed. Valencia gives the team a completely different look than any of the other forwards that the Timbers have on hand thanks to his willingness to go straight at goal, full steam ahead. Really, though, the thing that most impressed me about Trencito's shift on the pitch was his use of his left foot to score the tying goal. To have the calm and composure to completely wrong-foot the defense and the roll the ball in with his (much) weaker left foot bodes well for Trencito's future.

There are our picks, but what are yours? Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.