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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: At Least it was a Shutout

The Timbers dominated the New England Revolution in possession, shots, shots on goal and every other meaningful statistic except for the one that counts: goals. So, amidst the futility of last night's performance, who stood out?

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After some fantastic play from the Portland Timbers midfield and back line to keep the New England Revolution off the score sheet and off the ball in general, the Timbers looked like a good bet to come away all three points in last night's defensive battle. Despite only coming away with the tie the Timbers had a number of good performances across the pitch.

Here are our picks for the Timbers Man of the Match. Be sure to vote in the poll below and let us know your pick in the comments.

Stacey: Donovan Ricketts

It's hard for a keeper to not have much to do most of the game and then suddenly be asked to face a couple great shots. A couple of saves at the end kept this game from being a way more disappointing result for the Timbers.

Geoff: Donovan Ricketts

New England certainly weren't content to just sit back and bunker up all night. By the end of it they had a number of their own chances and only on man was able to stop them from getting a goal: Donovan Ricketts. I think it's still too early to say he's had a return to his 2010 form, but he's definitely been much more consistent this season. Last night was just one more very solid night for him.

Andy: Donovan Ricketts

Another match, another injury to a CB -- this time to the most experienced CB the team has ever had. This is no problem for Donovan Ricketts. It might mean he has to step it up a notch and make a few even more incredible saves, but whatever. He's got this.

Ryan: Donovan Ricketts

Once again Donovan Ricketts pulled the Timbers fat out of the fire. His save late in the game was the most difficult save he has had to make this season. He got his large frame down to the ground quickly and was able to push a shot destined for the back of the net wide of the goal to secure Portland a draw.

Will: Futty Danso

Futty came up big time and time again for the Timbers as more and more players pressed forward, trying to break down the Revolution. The number of last moment headers clear away or passes intelligently cut out last night by Futty was amazing. Add to that his fantastic passing on the night, with two of his three missed passes in the second half coming off headers inside the Revolution box, and you have a standout performance from one of the only healthy center backs in the Timbers line-up.

There are our picks, but what are yours? Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.