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Portland Timbers vs. Wilmington Hammerheads Player Ratings

The Portland Timbers earned a magnificent 5-1 victory in their first match of the US Open Cup against the Wilmington Hammerheads.

Stacey Neve

The Portland Timbers arguably put on their best offensive performance since joining MLS against the Wilmington Hammerheads. Granted, it was against a USL Pro squad, but the fact remains that this was the first time since joining MLS that the Timbers have been able to score so many goals in a single game. Frederic Piquionne, for his part, contributed 4 of those goals. A number which, has it occurred in the regular season, would see him instantly jump the stats board.

Here are our individual player ratings:

Starting XI

Milos Kocic - 7

Stacey: The Hammerheads created more good chances than the Timbers probably would have liked and Kocic had to make a few excellent saves. He was a bit casual on the Hammerhead's lone goal, although he may not have been able to stop that one anyway.

Ryan Miller - 5

Ryan: Miller did well defensively but his offensive contributions were crosses that did not hit the target. In a game that crosses were going to be the main source of chances you have to find someone on your crosses. Overall his passing and defense were solid enough for this game and this opponent.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste - 3

Geoff: Not a solid night for AJB. While the Timbers offense was absolutely wrecking Wilmington's defense, AJB was seemingly getting too caught up in the moment. Through a later first half spell, he was consistently allowing Hammerhead players take their shots.

Futty Danso - 5

Geoff: Futty had a similar night as AJB. I'm not sure if he was just working off some rust after taking a break due to suspension, but this is certainly not the same level of defending we've come to expect from him. He did manage to increase his score a bit by getting the 5th and final goal for the Timbers.

Michael Harrington - 6

Stacey: The player everyone expected to be rested, Harrington actually looked more present than he has in some of his recent league appearances. His pass to Piquionne for the second goal was perfection, and that was the only Harrington cross that could have led to a goal. He did look tired by the time he was subbed off though.

Ben Zemanski - 6

Ryan: Ben was doing his best Diego Chara impression. He consistently broke up attacks with tackles, interceptions and then initiated counters. His passing and work rate are not as good as Chara's but it was enough to stifle Wilmington for most of the night.

Darlington Nagbe - 7

Will: In his single half of play, Nagbe consistently showed that he was a step above (and ahead of) the Hammerheads. It was often a move from Nagbe that started the Timbers most dangerous buildups, even if he did not receive an assist on the day.

Will Johnson - 9

Geoff: Easily Man of the Match performance from the captain. Will Johnson was everything the TImbers needed him to be. He tracked back to defend when needed. He made some great free kicks and corner kicks (though a couple bad ones as well) and he earned 3 assists. Without him, the game perhaps looks a bit different.

Kalif Alhassan - 5

Ryan: Kalif's assist to Piqiuonne was pure class, and he showed that he was head and shoulders above Wilmington in terms of skill. However there were times that it felt like he was showing off and instead of making the easy pass he tried to make the flashy pass. I like that he is a player that will try to hit those kind of passes but I would like it a little less than he did against Wilmington.

Frederic Piquionne - 10

Stacey: What more could you ask for? He made great runs, was dominant in the air, and showed off some awesome skill with his feet as well on goal number three.

Jose Adolfo Valencia - 4

Stacey: Valencia seemed to struggle with positioning for much of the game, occasionally even getting in the way of his teammates. He also needs to learn to play to the whistle. He gave up on a few plays because he felt he'd been fouled, though no call had been made,


Sal Zizzo - 6

Will: Although he provided a different look from Nagbe and was brought on on a half where the team had been instructed to pass the game out, Zizzo was still active and dangerous in his shift on the right wing. Although he had several nice crosses, Zizzo's biggest impact was on defense, where he gave Ryan Miller some much needed cover when compared to Trencito's wide play in the first half.

Sebastian Rincon - 5

Ryan: He really, really wanted a goal but his eagerness probably cost him a chance at a goal. As he gets more experience hopefully he will settle down and be able to bury those chances. You can see he has potential and his ability hopefully with minutes at the reserve games and at USOC he can continue to progress.

Rauwshan McKenzie - 5

Geoff: Not really enough to go off for McKenzie's first game, but the defender certainly helped shore up the back line a bit.

What were your player ratings for the match? Who did well, who faltered?