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Portland Timbers @ FC Dallas Prediction Thread

Now's your chance to secure your match day predictions for the Portland Timbers away game against FC Dallas!

Steve Dykes

The Portland Timbers have been on quite the tear recently, having gone undefeated in seven games. But tonight they head to a different sort of place... a darker place. I am, of course, speaking of the dreaded FC Dallas Stadium. Don't let it's benign name fool you, in the Timbers' last three games there, they've allowed 10 goals. Ouch.

But first, let's check out last week's predictions.

No big surprise here, but you guys were mostly way off. Not that I blame you. New England traveled thousands of miles with a makeshift backline where they were missing some key players. The Timbers' inability to convert was disappointing, but New England's goalkeeper had a very impressive night as well.

As such there were no winners. Nobody really came close. There were a few draws in there, but they just weren't close enough.

On to tonight's game. Now's your chance to get in your prediction, once again. Will the Timbers break their Dallas curse? Will they be humiliated once again? Regardless, here's what we want:

  • Game score.
  • Who scored those goals?
  • Which half?

Be gentle guys. It is a mid-week game after all.

What's your match day prediction?