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Portland Timbers Draw FC Dallas 1-1; Unbeaten in 8 Games

The Portland Timbers travelled to FC Dallas Stadium and managed to earn a well deserved point on the road.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas was and still is the best team in the league, but that certainly didn't stop the Portland Timbers from stealing a point on the road. Realistically, it could have been a 1-nil win over FC Dallas had Andrew Jean-Baptiste not decided to get into a grabbing match in the Timbers' box. Such a shame.

Tonight's draw sees the Timbers extend their unbeaten streak to 8 games. They have only lost to the Montreal Impact so far this season. However, with Real Salt Lake's win tonight, the Timbers will still slide to down to that 3rd Western Conference position.

Looking ahead, the Timbers will take on Chivas USA this Sunday at 2:00 pm. If the Timbers can manage a solid win at home, they would be well on their way to distancing themselves from the bottom half of the conference.

What did you think of the Timbers' draw tonight? Well deserved, or could they have done better?