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U.S. Open Cup: Portland Timbers Win 2-nil Over the Tampa Bay Rowdies

Goals by Michael Nanchoff and Jack Jewsbury end up being the difference makers for the night.

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The Portland Timbers fielded what could arguably be considered a mostly reserve side tonight and, honestly, it showed a bit in the way the team played. Passes didn't often connect, players were a little disorganized, and the Tampa Bay Rowdies honestly played a strong match over all, despite what the scoring sheet states. Luckily for the Timbers, however, they were still able to come out with a win, something not every MLS team can say tonight (coughSportingKansasCitycough).

The two goals came by way of Michael Nanchoff and Jack Jewsbury. The former was a stunner of a goal with Nanchoff able to get a perfect shot into the right corner off an unusual run to the left. The latter came from a Frederic Piquionne cross into the box. Jewsbury managed to get his head on it making it 2-nil. It's worth noting that Nanchoff received an assist on that goal as well.

Looking ahead to the future, with FC Dallas winning 3-nil over their Texas rival the Houston Dynamo, the Timbers will now travel to Dallas in the next stage of the U.S. Open Cup. That game takes places June 26th, two weeks from tonight.

What did you think about the Timbers performance? What about the other US Open Cup results from tonight?