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Merritt Paulson Continues to Hint at Player Extensions

The Portland Timbers President continues to hint that player contracts are being signed and extended.


Merritt Paulson, never one to leave an opportunity to tease the Twitter community on the table, took to the social network once again to hint at upcoming player announcements. This time, however, it's not so much in the category of signing new players, but rather with regards to extending player contracts.

Here was the exact tweet he let fly yesterday:

Interesting, to say the least. For those hoping that those announcements actually appear today, however, don't hold your breath. Paulson clarified in a new tweet this morning:

Probably makes more sense to get all the player extension news out of the way in one announcement rather than release multiples just days apart.

As for who the players are, we're not rightly sure ourselves. It wouldn't be terribly surprising to hear that the Timbers straight up bought Diego Valeri's contract. The Argentine has been a revelation for the Timbers' midfield and he needs to be locked down. Additionally, Darlington Nagbe and Kalif Alhassan have contracts coming up so either one of them could be involved.

Nagbe, in particular, is a player who needs to be kept in Portland for at least a couple more seasons. I have no doubt he could eventually find a place in Europe if that's his desire, but I believe he needs a couple more MLS seasons under his belt to prove himself.

Alhassan, on the other hand, could still turn into that big money transfer ticket the Timbers have been dreaming of since signing him in 2010. No telling how long until that reality manifests however.

Really, though, this is all speculation. There are a number of players, I'm sure, who have contracts coming up. We'll just have to wait and see.

Who's contract do you want to see get extended?