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MLS Transfer Window Open July 9th; Subtle Moves Seem Likely for the Timbers

The MLS international transfer window will open on July 9th giving the Timbers the opportunity to buy or sell internationally, but will they?

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The Portland Timbers have had a solid season so far. They've built the 2013 squad wisely, bringing in key internationals like Mikael Silvestre, Frederic Piquionne, Pa Modou Kah and, of course, Diego Valeri. They've also recruited successfully within the league by acquiring players such as Will Johnson, Ryan Johnson, and Michael Harrington. So, when we look a few weeks on to the international transfer window, it can be a little difficult to predict what the Timbers are going to do.

The fact of the matter is that the Timbers don't really need to make a big money signing. Their team is pretty solid at the moment. Not perfect certainly, but that has a lot to do with injuries. They are not the LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, or Seattle Sounders when it comes to signing marquee internationals. And after the whole Kris Boyd debacle, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a long time before the Timbers attempted such a move again.

Still, what the MLS transfer window does do is liven up the transfer action within the league in general. While it's doubtful, from my perspective, that the Timbers will attempt to sign a big international, I don't doubt that the Timbers are making subtle plans for incoming MLS quality players, or maybe even a few free transfers from abroad. Even though MLS allows teams to recruit those types of players from outside the official window (see: LA acquires Pablo Mastroeni from Colorado today), the mere fact that the window exists seems to encourage more trades and transfers at large.

Obviously, we'll be following the transfer season closely when it arrives, but for now, we want to hear your thoughts on what might happen.

How do you think the Timbers will work the transfer season? Where do they continue to need improvement? Are there any players you see currently who could possibly make the switch?