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Portland Thorns FC Draw Sky Blue FC Nil-Nil

The Portland Thorns earned a strong point on the road against fellow league leaders Sky Blue FC.


Well we knew it was going to be a battle of the heavyweights so the result shouldn't be a huge surprise. Ultimately, however, I think the Thorns might look back on this game as a missed opportunity rather than a decent result

While the game ultimately went nil-nil, it was through a bit of luck and a tremendous amount of effort by Karina LeBlanc that the Portland Thorns managed to keep the game nil-nil. Particularly late in the second half when the Thorns' defense had all but given up on actually stopping Sky Blue's forwards from peppering LeBlanc's goal. Still, a great performance by LeBlanc was definitely the difference maker tonight. Without her in the net, we're looking at a very different result tonight.

This is all, of course, saying nothing for Sky Blue's terrible stream. Between the poor picture, incredibly bad audio, and the handycam-like experience, the game was almost unwatchable. I'm not sure what the NWSL has planned for future season's, but this kind of viewing experience cannot continue as it has.

The Thorns next travel to Kansas City next Sunday June 30th to play FCKC.