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Portland Timbers vs. Colorado Rapids Community Player Ratings: The Vote

The Portland Timbers put on a valiant effort yesterday to overcome the Colorado Rapids 3-nil, but now it's your turn to help us score them.

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Welcome to the first part of a new player rating system we're going to try here at Stumptown Footy. The idea, as it stands right now, is pretty basic. Give us your player ratings for each player and then we'll average them together tomorrow and compile the results for everybody tomorrow with our analysis, of course. Also note, we're trying a 1-5 player rating system. Our old system used 1-10 which was nice, but since this is a community thing we wanted to make it a bit easier to get involved. Do note, however, final scores will be broken down into the tenth decimal when applicable(i.e. 4.8).

Back onto the game at hand. The Portland Timbers managed to earn a decisive victory over the Colorado Rapids. While the Timbers started their game off quite slowly, it was great to see them rebound in the 12th minute with the Timbers' 100th MLS. Other highlights came by way of Will Johnson's stunning "Goal of the Week" contender and Rodney Wallace's assist hattrick, the first in Timbers' MLS history.

Also the defensive certainly deserves their own congratulations. This was one of the few games in recent memory where Donovan Ricketts wasn't peppered with shots. In fact, I don't think he had a single "Save of the Week" contender for this game, which speaks to the backline's composure throughout the game.

So, here's your chance to give us your player ratings:

As stated above, tomorrow we'll give out the results along with analysis on our end.