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Portland Timbers vs. Colorado Rapids Player Ratings: The Verdict

The Portland Timbers hosted the Colorado Rapids in a 3-nil victory Sunday evening. Here's the Stumptown Footy community verdict on their performance.

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Yesterday we asked for your rankings for the Portland Timbers' performance against the Colorado Rapids. While we expected a decent turn out, what we got completely blew us away. In total, 331 people ranked the Portland Timbers' victory giving us a great look at how the community perceived each player's performance. Here are the results:

NOTE: This is out of a 5-point scale. Next time we are going to try a 10-point scale.

Starting XI

Donovan Ricketts - 3.9

Donovan Ricketts got only a 4, but only because he wasn't called on very much after the first 10 minutes. - Unknown

I can't say I disagree with the comment above. Ricketts was really only called upon in the first 10 minutes where he performed very well. The remaining 80+ minutes, however, he wasn't ever really needed. I guess that's ultimately what you want from your defensive backline however. Probably Rickett's first game in a long time where he didn't have a "Save of the Week" contender.

Ryan Miller - 3.2

I wanted to rate Ryan Miller a bit higher, but getting torched and very nearly giving up a PK brings him down a bit. That said, for most of the game I felt he was a decent back-up for us. - Westcoast Ape

Miller started the game off pretty strong. In fact, I was quite impressed with his positioning from the onset of the match. He's clearly a more defensive minded player, but often times that's what you need. Unfortunately, as the second half got underway I saw a noticeable dip in performance. Perhaps simply due to being tired. More games under his belt with the first team would probably alleviate that.

Andre Jean-Baptiste - 3.8

Andrew Jean-Baptiste looked like he's beginning to unlock some of the hidden secrets he's been searching for in his trek to become the best possible CB. He had a very solid game and partnered nicely with Kah to help earn the shutout. He still needs to learn to keep his hands to himself though. - Burnsbabe

Very solid night for AJB. A solid 4 from me if I'm being honest. I think Ricketts' relative night of ease speaks a lot to Jean-Baptiste's effort in shutting down Colorado.

Pa Modou Kah - 4

As with AJB, Kah has a great night as well. In fact, his game against Colorado has probably been his best since joining the Portland Timbers. Obviously that should make sense as he continues to gel with the squad, but the amount of work he put in to stop Ricketts from being peppered with shots was exactly what we've been waiting for from our backline.

Jack Jewsbury - 3.4

Jack's save off the line was money. - Prettypenquin

Made a point of watching Jack defensively during the game, his positioning was spot on and he was consistently calm and effective when called upon to cut out a long pass or make a clearance in the box and once off the goal line. - EG

If Ricketts wasn't due for a "Save of the Week" contender this week then perhaps Jewsbury was. Colorado very nearly scored were it not for Jewsbury and who knows what kind of game dynamics could have shifted were that the case.

Will Johnson - 4.5

Will Johnson's goal was an absolute beast. In some ways it was reminiscent of Diego Valeri's goal in the first game ever. Even without the goal, however, Will Johnson was his normal self causing and creating havoc all night long. He did have a few mishits here and there, however.

Diego Valeri - 3.9

This was the first game where I really noticed Diego Valeri's control of the game. In most games this season, you don't notice his play until he is substituted out or scores an amazing goal, but this game was different. His creativity and touch were evident throughout and there were a couple of moments where I thought he might be a wizard. - Fund A Mental

Fancy footwork aside, Valeri was relatively quiet throughout the night. He pressured, he created chances, but few amounted to much. I'm still awestruck by how technically gifted he is however.

Diego Chara - 4.1

Another great night for Chara. I think, on most occasions, it's easy to miss what Chara does on the field when he's actively doing it. The Colorado game was a prime example of that. Few things he did were as glamorous as a goal, but undoubtedly very important regardless.

Darlington Nagbe - 3.3

Nagbe fell into an old pattern of his for the game. This might have legitimately been due to exhaustion, but he struggled to really find the game. Flashes of brilliance aside, the Timbers 3-nil victory probably won't be one of his personal highlights for the season.

Frederic Piquionne - 4.1

Earning the Timbers' 100th MLS goal is a fine accolade to have under your belt. That said, Piquionne impressed me all night with his positioning and ferocity toward the final third. His goal was simply the catalyst in what would shift from a Rapids dominated game to a Timbers dominated game.

Rodney Wallace - 4.8

Rodney Wallace's speed and, especially, persistence were decisive factors in this game. He annoyed the defenders no end by just staying on the ball. His speed created its own space and his crosses for goals were each magnificent. - CraigM

What can you even say about Rodney Wallace's return that hasn't been said already? He had a absolutely phenomenal night for the Timbers. Without him, those goals potentially don't happen. Additionally, his three assists earned him the first Timbers MLS assist hattrick.


Ben Zemanski - 3.3

Like with Darlington Nagbe, Ben Zemanski had a bit of trouble finding himself in the game. Though it's obviously a challenge coming into a game where the Timbers are playing very well already.

Ryan Johnson - 3.7

Ryan Johnson came on a bit late, but that didn't stop him from contributing to the Timbers' score sheet. If the Rapids had any hope of coming back in the final minutes of the game they were certainly put to rest by Ryan's goal.

Kalif Alhassan - N/A

Kalif did not play enough to warrant a score.


What do you think about the Timbers' ratings against the Colorado Rapids.

NOTE: We plan on using a 10 point scale for our next player ratings to compare with these.