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Merritt Paulson Wants the Portland Timbers to be the First MLS Team to Win the CCL

Merritt Paulson, in an impromptu Twitter Q&A has stated his desire for the coveted CONCACAF Champions League trophy.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

It's always nice to see the owner of your beloved club set high expectations for various competitions. Merritt Paulson, however, typically brings those expectations to another level. Never shy about voicing his opinions through Twitter, the Timbers owner spoke about his desire for the Portland Timbers to be the first ever MLS club to win the CONCACAF Champions League. Here was his exact tweet:

Now, obviously, the Portland Timbers still have a ways to go until they even qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League, but I think it shows that the expectations are certainly on the rise for this club. Yesterday I wrote about this very thing as fans and even head coach Caleb Porter began expressing the desire for the Timbers to go above and beyond what was expected in the preseason. Now we see that Paulson is right there with everybody else.

That said, Paulson was quick to clarify that the CCL isn't the immediate goal in mind. In response to a question by none other than Alexi Lalas he stated this:

So clearly the team has its sight set on the playoffs for the near future, but when looking longer term? Big things seem to be planned.

What do you think about Merritt Paulson's goal to be the first MLS team is win the CCL?