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Portland Thorns FC Win 4-3 Over FC Kansas City

The Portland Thorns managed to earn three points by beating FC Kansas City 4-3.

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Exciting, thrilling, terrifying. All words that you could use to describe the game between the Portland Thorns and FC Kansas City. From the moment the Thorns went up 1-nil early in the first half you could feel there was going to be a little extra excitement during the game, but I don't think anybody would have predicted the 4-3 match that was. I certainly didn't.

Really, the match was a game of defense, or rather I should say a game of no defense. The Thorns and FCKC each struggled all night to keep the ball out of the back of their net. Each time the Thorns thought they were saved by a 2 goal margin, Kansas City would come back with another goal. While they never did find the equalizer, had the game lasted just a few more minutes, they probably would have.

In the end, the Thorns will take the three points, bringing them on level with Sky Blue FC at 22.

What did you think of the match tonight?