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Portland Thorns FC Woman of the Match

The Portland Thorns put on an exhilarating 4-3 victory over FC Kansas City.

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The Portland Thorns played probably their most exciting offensive game last night, but they also seemed to play their worst defensive game. While the team was hammering FC Kansas City's net, they had trouble containing Lauren Cheney all night. In the end, 7 goals, one penalty kick later, the Thorns managed to scrape by with a 4-3 win.

Here are our picks for Woman of the Match:

Ryan: Alex Morgan

By scoring twice and setting up a third goal Alex had a hand in 3/4 of the goals scored by Portland. She was a constant threat on the counter when Portland did start to bunker in the late stages and this ensured that KCFC kept two to three players back to guard her.

Jonanna: Alex Morgan

For the first time this year, Morgan really did work, and it wasn't just the two goals and assist that set her apart (although, obviously, they're huge). Instead of relying on her talent alone, she battled, made hard runs, set up teammates, and pursued the ball with tenacity. Her first goal may have started with a bit of luck, but her finish was amazing, and against one of the best goalies in the world. The entire offense played well, and it was Morgan who set the tone.

Geoff: Alex Morgan

I really wanted to give this one to Courtney Wetzel as she played a solid game, but I just couldn't ignore Alex Morgan, yet again. Not only did Morgan open the scoring sheet on a mistake by FCKC, but she was constantly, and consistently harassing the team's defensive back line. One goal and two assists later (her second goal was changed to an assist earlier today) Morgan proved why she's the most popular female striker in the country.

Stacey: Alex Morgan

What an enormous difference it makes to have Alex Morgan back. Even though she wasn't part of the 2-0 loss to Chicago, Morgan seemed determine to step it up last night, and that's precisely what she did. In addition to the obvious two goals and an assist, Morgan terrorized the FCKC defense throughout the game. I'm consistently amazed at how long passes that look like lost causes suddenly become breakaway chances for Morgan.

Who was your Woman of the Match?