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Are You Planning on Going to the USA vs. Belize Gold Cup Game? [Poll]

The USMNT takes to Portland for the first time in a long time in their Gold Cup opener next weekend. Are you going?

J. Meric

This weekend sees the CONCACAF Gold Cup officially kick off. However, it won't be until July 9th, one week from tomorrow, that the USMNT plays their first game. While the opponent leaves a bit to be desired (Belize isn't exactly Mexico) the fact that the USMNT is playing in Portland at all is very exciting. But there is always the lingering worry that the game will be lightly attended.

I know that we're Portland. Soccer fans come out in droves here. Not only does the city sell out every Portland Timbers home game, but it also is the runaway leader in NWSL soccer attendance. There is simply no comparison with the other NWSL teams right now. Still, this match won't have thousands of season ticket holders propping up the numbers. Fans will need to buy their tickets individually.

Which is why we're curious if you're going. We run a nice large community based around Portland area soccer. The Gold Cup game is, obviously, a big deal for Portland soccer. Are you planning on shelling out the $35/seat price for a GA /TA ticket?

And for those of you who think the Gold Cup squad or the opponent isn't good enough to warrant buying a ticket, remember that this game is undoubtedly being used as a test for Portland. If we can show U.S. Soccer what a great venue this is, we'll likely be considered for higher profile games in the future.

Are you planning on going to the CONCACAF Gold Cup game? Sound off in the poll and leave a comment with your further thoughts.