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The Portland Timbers Announce Four Contract Extensions

The Portland Timbers announced the extension of four players, Donovan Ricketts, Diego Chara, Darlington Nagbe and Kalif Alhassan.

Jonathan Ferrey

After weeks of hints the Portland Timbers announced via their twitter account that they have extended the contracts of four of their players. The players are Donovan Ricketts, Darlington Nagbe, Diego Chara and Kalif Alhassan. The tweet also included a hint that more contract extensions are being negotiated.

Here is the tweet:

Nagbe's contract will more than likely switch from a GA (Generation Adidas) contract to a standard contract next year. This extension will then start either after this season or next. No word, we will probably never get word, on how long the extension is.

Ricketts' contract was likely up at the end of this year and this extension will ensure that he will be in a Portland Timbers uniform for next year and likely the year after.

Chara's DP status will disappear with this contract extension because the amortized transfer fee will not be tacked onto his contract extension. Which means next year the Timbers will be back to only 1 DP, possibly 2 depending on the length of Chara's first contract.

Alhassan is the biggest surprise of the four but if any coach can tease his potential out it is Caleb Porter.

What do you think of the extensions?