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Portland Timbers vs. LA Galaxy Player Ratings: The Vote

The Portland Timbers came back from being down nil-1 to ultimately win the game 2-1 with the late heroics by Andrew Jean-Baptiste.


What a fantastic game for the Portland Timbers. While the execution on the field wasn't always perfect and going down a goal early certainly shook the team a bit, their overall ability to never give up is a refreshing feeling after the team's two previous seasons. For this game, especially, however, it gave the Timbers three very much needed points over a Western Conference rival which helped them to a 2nd place position in the West.

Now, as usual, we want to hear your thoughts on how well the team performed individually. We aren't changing anything this week (except perhaps some wording). Simply vote 1-10 where 1 would be a terrible performance and 10 would be a terrific performance. As a reminder, if a player performed as expected or was generally just average they would be ranked a 5.

Get in your vote now!

How well do you think each player did individually?