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Portland Thorns @ FC Kansas City Woman of the Match

The Portland Timbers suffered their first ever road loss to FC Kansas City last Sunday, leaving little to be impressed with.

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The Portland Thorns travelled to Kansas City for the first time since their season opener. Unfortunately, where the Thorns were able to draw the Kansas City side on their first meeting earlier this season, the Thorns were unable to muster much of anything in their second stay over. All in all, the Thorns will probably look back on this match as one of the few to absolutely forget.

Here are our picks for Woman of the Match:

Jonanna: Karina LeBlanc

Huh? What? Sorry, I fell asleep for a second there going back over this game in my mind. Normally I wouldn't even consider naming a keeper on the losing end of a 2-0 match as WoTM (even if the goals weren't really her fault), but once again LeBlanc exhibited stellar keeping and kept the Thorns in a game that probably could have been worse, scoring-wise. For example: In the 60th minute, FCKC's Lauren Cheney tried a crafty chip shot that LeBlanc fended off with a great reaction save. Cheney got the rebound and managed another shot, which KK shoved aside with a kick save. Where was the defense on this? Shrug. It was just LeBlanc out there on an island again, and she performed as well as anyone possibly could under such duress.

Ryan: Karina LeBlanc

Portland's defense and midfield played the worst game of the year. The forwards were starved of service and had nothing to work with and Karina was left on an island so many times by the defense in front of her that she was forced into amazing individual efforts just to keep the scoreline from getting out of hand.

Stacey: Karina LeBlanc

WOTM is a pretty dubious honor after such a poor performance and I can't help but feel like the correct nomination here is "no one." But Leblanc did make a few good saves and in doing so did more than any of her teammates to give us a shot at getting a result.

Geoff: Karina LeBlanc

While not a great game for the goalkeeper, you can't blame her for much of the game's result. The first goal by Cheney was an absolute stunner. I've seen MLS and European quality keepers suffer the same fate. Additionally, the Thorns' defensive backline left her wide open so many time, I'm honestly surprised LeBlanc managed to keep FCKC's goal total to only two. While it might be a shame for LeBlanc to get the honors, there was nothing else positive about the Thorns' performance against FC Kansas City.

Who was your Woman of the Match?