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Portland Timbers @ Philadelphia Union Player Ratings: The Vote

The Portland Timbers earned a point on the road with a nil-nil draw against the Philadelphia Union. Now's your chance to voice your opinion on their performance.


The Portland Timbers managed to earn a well deserved point on the road with the help of some solid defending and late game heroics by Donovan Ricketts. That latter part shouldn't come as a huge surprise, however, the the Timbers' keeper has been outstanding for the squad in 2013. On the other end of the pitch, however, things appeared a bit less rosey. While the Timbers dominated possession for much of the game and they certainly made chances, their inability to score will ultimately come off as a bit of a let down.

Now here's your chance to vote on how well the team did as a whole.

Reminder: This is a 1-10 scale where 1 is for a player who was terrible and 10 is a player who was amazing. A score of 5 would be average.

How will you rate the Portland Timbers? Who raised the team up and who brought them down?