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Andrew Jean-Baptiste Fined by MLS Disciplinary Committee

Andrew Jean-Baptiste has been fined by the MLS Disciplinary Committee for embellishment.

Steve Dykes

The MLS Disciplinary Committee felt that Andew Jean-Baptiste deserved a fine for embellishment. The incident occurred in the 18th minute of last Saturday's game when he collided with Conor Casey.

Here is what the MLS website said about the incident:

In addition, the commmittee also fined Portland Timbers defender Andrew Jean-Baptiste for "embellishment" in the 18th minute of the 0-0 draw at the Philadelphia Union.

Here is the video replay.

It would appear that AJB held his head as if he was hit by Casey and then stayed on the ground. While this might fit the definition of embellishment Casey did not receive a yellow for the foul and this should be when they use fines for embellishment. The DC should really be taking a closer look at a lot of the diving that has been going on.

What do you think about the DC's decision? Was it fair or unfair?