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Do You Still Expect the Portland Timbers to Add Reinforcements This Summer?

The Portland Timbers have been extraordinarily quiet this summer with no credible rumors or sources coming clean with potential transfer/trade targets.

Jonathan Ferrey

It's silly season! Or so goes the saying whenever the summer (or winter) transfer window opens. While this phrase usually applies to the big European leagues and teams as they spend small fortunes worth the entire GDP of entire countries on a single player, MLS has also been known to get a little crazy during these times. So far this season we've seen other MLS teams like Sporting KC and Colorado Rapids make some big moves. Gabriel Torres, one of this year's Gold Cup stars, is reportedly coming on as the Rapids' first ever Designated Player, for example.

The Timbers, on the other hand, have not been active at all. In fact, they've been very quiet. Something that could be a little worrisome as other teams, including top and mid-table teams look to further improve their squads in order to make a run at the playoffs. The Timbers, while making an impressive run already, aren't a perfect squad. Depth runs shallow in certain areas and the loss of key players could prove to be hazardous. Rodney Wallace's constant international call ups, for example, has been problematic.

So far, since the start of June (obviously prior to the window opening), the Timbers have made two moves:

1. They brought Alvas Powell on loan. The right back is young and holds a lot of potential (his performance last night was solid), but there's little reason to think he'll get meaningful minutes this year. My guess is that his "loan" is more of an extended trial while the team figures out the pecking order for the 2014 season. It's worth noting that the Timbers waived Mobi Fehr in this move as well.

2. The Timbers loaned Michael Nanchoff out to a Swedish side. Speculation has it that the Timbers were clearing cap space/roster space, though nothing was confirmed, obviously.

Neither of these moves directly affects the Timbers current season outlook. Powell could be brought on as a starter if Jack Jewsbury and Ryan Miller get injured, but barring that I don't see him starting.

Still, with two weeks left in the international transfer window, there's still time for the Timbers to make some moves.

For starters, there was the rumor that Lanus striker Leandro Diaz was planned to come on loan to the Timbers. While that's obviously not happened yet, it remains an option. Still, the Timbers do seem particularly stacked in the front at the moment with Ryan Johnson and Frederic Piquionne leading the charge so I'm not sure where he fits in. If Jose Adolfo Valencia and Sebastian Rincon end up going on loan as rumored then perhaps there will be space for him after all.

Next, the Timbers still hold on to the #1 spot in the USMNT allocation order. While we speak of that often and the choices seem very limited at the moment, there's still time to either trade the pick away or potentially bring in one of the unattached players. Alejandro Bedoya has had a serviceable Gold Cup so far and would prove to be an enticing pick up for many MLS teams, though whether he wants to come home or not remains to be seen.

That's about it on our horizon though. Whatever the Timbers are doing this summer, they're certainly keeping quiet about it.

What do you think the Timbers are planning for this summer? Will they bring in depth or starters? Will they wait until the off/pre-season?