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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Late Starters

After the Timbers' tough 2-1 loss to the San Jose Earthquakes yesterday we pick our top performers of the game.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For the first eighty minutes in San Jose last night, the Portland Timbers looked like they were lost. When the team finally found the fight that they were looking for there was too little time and too many goals to make up.

This was a hard one in which to pick a Man of the Match thanks to the lackluster play for most of the game, but pick we did.

Stacey: Frederic Piquionne

I really want to pick Diego Chara, but I probably can't do that huh?

The Timbers were lacking some heart last night, but Piquionne stepped on the field ready to fight for a point and he was almost successful. In the end, his contributions were too little to late, but that little back heel move to Nagbe was so slick and savvy, and it took a good save from Jon Busch to keep Piquionne's header out as the clock ticked down.

Ryan: Donovan Ricketts

I have a really hard time picking any outfield player and because of this I chose Donovan Ricketts. He made his usual saves and for the most part kept the Timbers in the game and in a position to win, until the defense decided to leave him on an island. There is only so much a keeper can do on a PK and he even got a finger tip on second goal.

Geoff: Darlington Nagbe

The guy was hustling all night long. Granted many of his attempts weren't fully realized, but he still caused a lot of hassle for San Jose's defense. THe fact that he got the goal was solid as well. Hats off to Frederic Piquionne for the assist on that.

Andy: Darlington Nagbe

This isn't even about the goal, because that was a shot he should make every time he gets it. This is about him having played every game this season and putting up with all the constant kicking. He held up the ball extremely well against the kickingest team in MLS, only failing to complete six passes while drawing five fouls.

Will: Frederic Piquionne

In a moment where most might have tried to hold the ball up and wasted a break away, Piq was able to perfectly back heel the ball to Darlington Nagbe in what may have been the Timbers' one truely inspired moment of the game. The Timbers may be a second half team, but against San Jose they were not much of a team at all until Piquionne hit the pitch.

There are our picks, but what are yours? Vote in the poll below and let us know why in the comments.