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Portland Thorns FC Woman of the Match

There were lots of candidates after Portland's 3-3 draw with the Chicago Red Stars

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Stacey: Christine Sinclair

Sinclair was everywhere on Sunday, dropping back to the midfield to help the ball along, then popping up on the attack to net a pair of goals. She's pretty much been good all season, often quietly so, but yesterday she looked like she had decided she wanted to be the star, and she was.

Ryan: Tobin Heath

For the first 75 minutes my WoTM was actually going to Kat Williamson, but the two goals given up in the late stages forced me to change my vote. Tobin brings something that has been lacking in Portland's midfield: the ability to see two or three passes ahead. Her passing ability and dribbling ability has forced the opposition to focus on her and thus has freed up space for both Sinc and Morgan. Her assist was a perfectly weighted ball and numerous other passes put other Thorns players into dangerous positions.

Jonanna: Christine Sinclair

Good lord, that first goal was thing of beauty. It was spectacular in the way that only Sinclair can be spectacular (albeit with equally beautiful service from Tobin Heath)-and reflective of the grit and flair she brought to this particular match. What's amazing is that Sinc has continued executing some of the responsibilities she shouldered when she was stuck in the midfield -dropping back on defense, for instance- while also making world-class runs and charging ever hard goalward. Should she have hit that one open net? Well, yeah. But the fact that she had so many open looks reflects just how well she played.

Will: Mana Shim

Mana Shim was a thorn in the side of the Red Stars all night and it was her industrious shift on the wing that repeatedly opened up space for Alex Morgan and Christine Sinclair. Her goal was well taken on top of a very solid outing all across the pitch and should have been the final nail in the coffin.

Who was your Portland Thorns Woman of the Match?