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Quick Recap:Portland Thorns Broken by the Boston Breakers

The Portland Thorns came out flat and Boston took full advantage. Two goals from Sydney Leroux punished Portland's suspect backline and were more than enough for the win.


The Portland Thorns played like the team under .500 and the Boston Breakers played like they were the team who believed they would win. From the first whistle Portland's defense looked confused and overwhelmed by Boston's speed and their high defensive line. Boston's high pressure lead to a lot of turnovers and eventually the first goal of the game.

Sydney Leroux scored in the 11th minute of the game after receiving a pass at the top of the box. Her right footed shot as she was going away from goal was perfectly placed in the side netting of the goal. After the initial goal Boston continued to have the run of play and created a lot more goal scoring opportunities.

While Portland's defense was being blitzed their offense was nonexistent thanks to a midfield that constantly turned the ball over and rarely strung more than 4 passes together. When Portland was able to finally possess the ball in Boston's half they were torched by a very good counter in the 38th minute. Leroux once again scored as she flew by Kat Williamson like she was standing still.

Portland's best chances for a goal all came after Angie Kerr and Danielle Foxhoven entered the game. Unfortunately every shot was either right at the keeper or well wide of the goal.

Portland suffered their second 2-0 defeat in a row and have now gone 3 games without scoring a goal.