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Portland Timbers @ Columbus Crew Player Ratings: The Vote

The Portland Timbers' undefeated streak ended away from home against the Columbus Crew. Here's your chance to vote on their performance

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

A rough game for the Portland Timbers to be sure. While they put on a valiant effort after going down to 10 men 13 minutes into the game, they just weren't able to muster any kind of result that would see their streak remain alive. A shame, but every team loses eventually.

Anyway, as usual, here's your chance to vote on how each individual player performed. You'll notice that I've, once again, changed up the format just a little bit. The old dropdown menu is gone and, in its place, a scale of ten. This should make it much faster and easier for you guys to vote.

Additionally, for this week's player ratings, we're going to round to the nearest half for this week's player ratings as we continually look to bring you the most accurate ratings possible. Last week we rounded to the whole number and that gave us some unfair results.

Finally, on a 1 - 10 scale, it's worth noting that an "okay" or "average" performance is a 5. We got the feeling last time that some expected a 6 - 7 would be more of an average. If you rate a player as a 6 or a 7 you're telling us and the community here that said player performed well.

Alright, enough of that, here's the vote:

How will you rate each player?