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If Clint Dempsey signs with the Sounders, what do the Timbers get?

The Sounders (probably) have Dempsey. What did they give up?

Jim Rogash

Well, Twitter is abuzz that the Seattle Sounders have signed, or are signing, United States Mens National Team captain Clint Dempsey. NBC has it. ESPN has it. Everyone seems to be getting confirmations that he is there.

Could that one more hurdle be compensation for the Portland Timbers for being leapfrogged in the allocation order?

When big name players want to come back to MLS, they tend to get their way. Robbie Rogers went to the LA Galaxy after weeks of wrangling. Brian McBride made his way to the Chicago Fire even though they were forced to give up an arm and a leg to get him. One way or another, players will get to were they want to go.

This time around, it will be the Timbers that have their arm twisted to give up the rights to sign Dempsey, providing MLS and Seattle do not have an end-around in mind for the allocation rules.

For McBride, Chicago gave up Chad Barrett and draft-picks aplenty.

For Rogers, the Galaxy gave up their leading scorer in Mike Magee.

So what can the Timbers get for the rights to one of the best USMNT players ever?

EDIT: Maybe nothing?

Let us know what you would ask for in the comments.