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Portland Timbers at Real Salt Lake Prediction Thread

We try to get it right this time as the Timbers take on RSL for the third time in three weeks tonight.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers take on Real Salt Lake this evening and again the team is in a state of flux. Despite playing an opponent for the third time this month, the result for tonight's game is still up in apt he air as the Timbers look to cobble together a team from the players that remain uninjured and unsuspected. With the lineup and tactics still in question, it will be even more difficult to predict just what will go down in Utah today, but we will take a crack at it anyway.

Make sure to get your predictions in before the game tonight. Here is what we are looking for:

  • The final score.
  • Who will score the goals.
  • When the goals will be scored.

The more specific, the better.

Plus, since the Timbers line-up remains in flux, we are going to continue the DDugan line-up prediction challenge. Here is what we want for that one:

  • Who is in the starting eleven.
  • Who is on the bench.
  • What substitutions will be made.

Here are last week's winners:

  • straight red got it right on the nose, correctly predicting the 1-0 score line and an Eddie Johnson goal.
  • mundi, or mundi's 13 year old, correctly predicted a one goal loss, was off by only five minutes on on the timing of Eddie Johnson's goal, and knew Valeri would hit the post, although the odds were not very long on that one.
  • greenlinearmy got the starting lineup correct, with a quick caveat about Zemanski being the only flaw in the guess.
  • Withdrawn Striker, RCTIDnomatterwhat, and Hailfire97 also nailed the starting lineup, with some slight formational tweaks, but none even tried at naming the bench.

Kickoff is at 7:00, so make sure you put on your wizard's cap and take a look in your crystal ball nice and early today.