Dear Orlando City - don't be a sucker.

How long will MLS let this link stay live?

Dear fans of Orlando City, hoping to join MLS. Think hard.

I posted tonight's ML$ Transparency = Legitimacy photo on the MLS Facebook page. It lasted less than five minutes before being blocked. What they hey, just for giggles I'll try it again and count the time before they pull it down again.

OK, PDX. We need to pull up our collective big boy and big girl pants. What we've seen in the last 48 hours with Seattle being allowed to buy Dempsey without compensation through the established allocation system opens the door for a terrible new era in MLS. Money talks. Everybody else loses. It's disgraceful. It's unnecessary. It's unwelcome if you don't have a billionaire owner or stadium that seats 60,000 - or both. But it is real.

After a good hard smell of the coffee, we need to know what's left. MLS has no lost it's unique identity in the FIFA world. If you live in Spain, realistically you know the winner will be Barca or Real Madrid. Germany? Bayern Muenchen and the flavor of the year. France? PSG. EPL? Manchester (United or City), Arsenal, or Chelsea. On the odd year they let Liverpool or Spurs show up. But forget it Reading. Work hard and you get to pick up a year in the EPL. You can take the pounds sterling and roll back to the first division because you have no shot to win, ever.

It's the golden rule. Whoever has the gold, makes the rules. A couple petroleum oligarchs from the Gulf or Russia want to play? Come to MLS. We're now an equal playground to Europe if you want to buy a champion.

If you are unfortunate enough to live in a US town that simply can't cough up 18 million a few times, sorry. The rules don't protect you anymore. There will be no Green Bay Packers or Pittsburgh Steelers in MLS. You won't be compensated, and there will be no luxury tax because rich bullies don't share. You are West Ham. Pray for magic in the Open Cup. Because yesterday MLS threw its equity rules out the window.

When I root, I root for the Timbers. Too bad Don Freakin' Garber just decided that we will never win an MLS cup.

So Orlando City - think twice before you pay that $70 Million entry fee. It's good money before bad. Don't be a sucker.

By the way: MLS let my post of the ML$ Transparency = Legitimacy banner last 90 seconds before it got pulled off their page. For heavens sake MLS, don't try to hide what you are. We all know it. We're just found out your price.

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