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Rose City Round-up: All the Dempsey I can handle

Well, it is official. All anyone can talk about right now is the Dempsey signing. Here are some of the best bits, all in one place.

I couldn't bring myself to post a picture of Dempsey as a Sounder, so here he is in Seattle.
I couldn't bring myself to post a picture of Dempsey as a Sounder, so here he is in Seattle.

This will be mostly link dump with a side of twitter quote extravaganza, so get ready for a whole mess of Clint Dempsey and Seattle Sounders talk.


Whether you hate them or just strongly dislike them, the guys over at Sounder at Heart have been covering the heck out of this one.

The big piece that has people all aflutter right now though, is Grant Wahl's excellent piece on just how Clent Dempsey to Seattle occurred. As usual, Wahl has the inside track on just about everything, including one unnamed MLS owner who was less than pleased about the deal.

Another big name in sports writing, Matt Ufford, weighed in for SB Nation and he is all for the Dempsey acquisition.

Not everyone was so positive about the move, however. NASN's The Big Question put forth a very damning analysis of MLS's payment of the transfer for Dempsey.

Amidst all the bruhaha about how Dempsey ended up with the Sounders, Major League Soccer issued a "clarification" on the allocation rules. It was really more of a reiterating of the allocation rules, with the added statement that "for new players signed by an MLS club as a Designated Player, the allocation process does not apply."

Over at the Timbers Army's website, Chris Rifer responded to the statement from MLS, wondering why the league is so secretive with the rules for acquiring players.

Jose Domene, the former GM of Chivas USA, went to Twitter to clarify that every MLS club was aware of the league's

Some players (current and former) were also caught referring to the transfer on twitter, although their reaction was much closer to that of many fans than to Domene.

Last, but not least, are a trio of FanShots posted by our commentors. TimberGreen, oregavania, and LRRR all have posts up to check out.

There is all the Dempsey talk that I can stomach. If anything comes to light on the whole saga, feel free to post it in the comments.