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Portland Timbers at Chivas USA Player Ratings: The Results

The result of the community's player ratings against Chivas USA.

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Not as big of a turnout as the last time but still a respectable 70 responses helped compile our most recent player ratings.

Donovan Ricketts - 5.8

Will - He nearly gave up a huge goal on the uncalled penalty, but was otherwise solid. The lone Chivas goal was just not savable and Ricketts shouldn't be blamed for it. Overall, an average, if momentarily worrying, performance.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste - 4.8

Ryan - Not a great performance in the first 30 minutes of the game as both he and his partner in the back had very little energy to start the game. His distribution improved over time but by then the Timbers had already shot themselves in the foot. He literally walked back towards the one man Chivas had in the box on their goal and then wondered why Chivas scored.

Michael Harrington - 5.75

Ryan - He is the most consistent defensive player we have. He doesn't do anything spectacular but he also isn't a liability on the left. This game was just like the rest, you barely notice him because he just does what he is supposed to.

Pa Madou Kah - 4.4

Ryan - His worst game by far. He was constantly out of position and his distribution was non existent.

Sal Zizzo - 4.9

Will - After a competent performance against Toronto FC, Zizzo had his flaws as an outside back exposed by Chivas USA. A lack of experience in his positioning and one on one defending made the Timbers' right flank a dangerous area all night and it is no real surprise that the lone Chivas goal came from there.

Will Johnson - 5

Stacey - Though the Captain's passing accuracy was still right around 80%, he had some really bad giveaways. Like, forgot-which-team-he-was-on bad. They were pretty much passes to Chivas. Other than that, it was simply much too quiet of a game from a player who you usually rely on to bring some intensity.

Diego Chara - 6.9

Will - The Diego Chara checklist: Was he everywhere? Yes. Did he pass the ball ridiculously accurately? Yes. Are you a little afraid to image what the game might have been like without him out there? Yes. So, just another game for Chara.

Kalif Alhassan - 4.6

Stacey - Alhassan had an okay first half. His passing was pretty good. He was fine. It wasn't surprising to see him get pulled for Valeri though. He doesn't have Valeri's vision and he wasn't particularly successful at creating real chances for the Timbers. A potentially informative stat from Chalkboard: In his half, Valeri attempted three through balls. Kalif, in his 45 minutes, had none.

Darlington Nagbe - 5.4

Ryan - Once he found the space in Chivas' defense he looked like he was going to create a goal scoring opportunity. However, he usually played the safe pass instead of trying to go for the jugular and this was the game where the Timbers needed him to try and take over the gam.

Rodney Wallace - 4.96

Ryan - His game is elevated once Diego Valeri steps on the pitch. Without Valeri sometimes he gets lost and you won't see him for long stretches of the game. However, his ability to track back defensively was a bonus at times.

Jose Valencia - 5.9

Stacey - Even though he got the assist on Valeri's goal, we saw a major regression from Valencia between Toronto and Chivas. He intercepted passes intended for his teammates and killed off attacks by hesitating too long before passing the ball or taking shots himself even from bad angles. Even his most impressive play--a strong run through the Chivas defense--was marred by his decision to go for the shot instead of laying it off for a teammate.

Diego Valeri - 6.9

Will - When Valeri hit the pitch, the Timbers were instantly able to step up their performance. It can't all be put on the Argentine playmaker, but his control of the attack during the second half was apparent.

Maximiliano Urruti - 4.9

Will - Urruti did not get much of a chance to show off his skills in the eighteen minutes he was on the pitch, but if the brilliantly timed run in behind the Chivas defense in the 78' (wrongly called offside) is any indication of his movement, the Timbers could have nice new weapon in their arsenal.

Ryan Johnson - 4.5

Ryan - I thought his passing and his first touch were better than the last few games but it still was not good enough.