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Portland Timbers vs. Colorado Rapids Prediction Thread

Work? What is that? It's game time tonight between the Timbers and the Rapids, so give us your predictions!

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The Portland Timbers take on the Colorado Rapids tonight in a game with big playoff implications. This one could be a defensive battle, but with seven goals scored between the first two meetings between these teams this season a shootout seems more likely.

Make sure to get your predictions in before the game tonight. Here is what we are looking for:

  • The final score.
  • Who will score the goals.
  • When the goals will be scored.

Then don't forget the DDugan Line-up Prediction Challenge. Here is what we want for that one:

  • Who is in the starting eleven.
  • Who is on the bench.
  • What substitutions will be made.

Finally, give us your best shot at what Caleb Porter will be wearing on the sidelines in the RCTIDnomatterwhat Sartorial Showdown. For that one, give us:

  • What Caleb Porter will be wearing at the start of the game.
  • What Caleb Porter will be wearing at the end of the game.

With all of these, the more specific the better.

Here are last week's winners:

  • glorkvorn, in the first comment of the thread, correctly called for the introduction of Diego Valeri for Kalif Alhassan at the half.
  • We never asked for any crowd number predictions, by oregavania was pretty spot on with this one: "The resurgent Goats have a record crowd of 1,197 paid attendees. Unfortunately, have of them are confused LAG fans who sobered up earlier, and thought there was a match today. Regardless, the 120 members of the TA that made the trek to Carson continue to provide the soundtrack."
  • Withdrawn Striker was the only pessimist to get the score right on this one (unfortunately) with a prediction of 1-1.
  • mike.obremski was pretty darn close on the lone Timbers goal as he was the lone person to guess that Valeri would score and he called for him to do so in the 55' (the goal actually came in the 50').
  • Nobody managed to really bulls-eye the line-up this week thanks to the uncertainty over Alvas Powell, Diego Valeri, and who would be getting minutes at striker.

Kickoff is at 7:00, so start staring at whichever line on your palm indicates today's Timbers game. In case you need a hand though, here are our game preview, preview interview, and most recent training report.