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Portland Timbers Player Ratings: The results

Results of the community's votes the last two games

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

At Seattle Sounders

I am just going to list the names of the players and the ratings they received.

Player Rating
Donovan Ricketts 5.5
Andrew Jean Baptiste 6.1
Michael Harrington 5.7
Pa-Madou Kah 4.2
Alvas Powell 6.02
Jack Jewsbury 6.5
Kalif Alhassan 5.6
Diego Valeri 7.6
Darlington Nagbe 7.1
Rodney Wallace 5.6
Ryan Johnson 4.4
Jose Valencia 4.6
Sal Zizzo 4.3
Ben Zemanski 4.9

As you can see the community felt the effort in Seattle was lacking from a few players.

At Real Salt Lake

Donovan Ricketts - 4.5

Will- There wasn't much that Ricketts could do about RSL's goals, but it has been weeks since we have seen one of the early-season style save of the week efforts out of him. Hopefully this week with the Jamaican National Team will be kind on the Iron Lion of Zion (h/t @BackOfficeGavin for my favorite nickname) as he seems like he has lost a bit of what had him on fire through the first half if the season.

Hailfire97x- Its hard to vote Ricketts down for any of the goals that Portland conceded. Set piece let-downs and curling far-post shots are a keeper's worst nightmare.

Andrew Jean Baptiste- 4.5

Stacey- AJB got burned by Joao Plata on Real Salt Lake's second goal, and let Alvaro Saborio completely get away from him on their fourth. Really not a great outing for the center back.

Michael Harrington - 5.4

Michaelmitchell619- Harrington was a presence in both halves of the field all game. His defense was solid, and he set Nagbe up beautifully for the 31' goal.

Raushawn Mckenzie - 5.1

Ryan - It is hard to place a lot of the defensive breakdowns at the feet of Raushawn because of the lack of time he has played with the first team. He had the effort but seemed nervous when the ball was at his feet.

Ben Zemanski - 3.7

Will- After a disastrous start to the match for the defense, Zemanski looked like he might start to calm things down in the midfield for the Timbers and assert some kind of control over the game. Then came the red card.

Diego Chara - 6.8

Ryan- A thorn in RSL's side all night long and one of the very few bright spots on the field for the Timbers. This game was very much a throw back to the 2012 season.

Kalif Alhassan - 5.2

Ryan- Kalif showed that he has the desire to play defense but sometimes that desire is not matched by the skill or know how. When will potential stop being enough?

Diego Valeri - 5.4

Ryan- Very difficult to rate Valeri this game due to the early injury but as usual he showed he was pure class on a couple of occasions.

Darlington Nagbe - 6.9

Will- Nagbe was the driving force for the Timbers attack through the first half against RSL, but he faltered for the second 45' with the Timbers down a man and RSL able to pressure him accordingly. Still, he continued his tradition of scoring some mighty fine goals in losing efforts against Salt Lake.

Rodney Wallace - 4.6

Lefthanded49- C'mon man, the first goal was on you. Although, don't we know by now that you don't play defense? Caleb never should have put you as a holding midfielder.

Ryan Johnson 3.8

Ryan - RJ gets a ton of flack for not scoring goals but there is not a whole lot a striker can do when your midfield can't provide a decent ball.

Jose Valencia - 5.8

Fazi- He's got the momentum, engine, and flare to replace RJ in the starting XI. Now is the opportunity for Trencito to get the timbers rolling and back on track.

Sal Zizzo - 5.8

Stacey - I give Zizzo tons of credit for the goal that some are calling easy and lucky. First of all, his fingerprints were all over the build-up to Valencia's shot, and if Rimando didn't save that, Zizzo would have had an assist. As it was, he did what he was supposed to do and followed the play even when he wasn't directly involved anymore. How many times have we seen a goalkeeper give up a rebound and we have no one making that run, no one putting themselves in a position to have another shot at it? The Timbers had already put themselves in too deep of a hole on Friday, but there have been some games lately where the Timbers could have salvaged points only they had someone going for that rebound.

Alvas Powell - 5.3

Ryan- As one commenter said so eloquently "Why didn't he start?". Powell continues to grow and every game we are seeing more and more growth.