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Stumptown Footy Survey: Where in the World are You?

Our community has grown in the last three years and now we have readership from all over the world. We would like to know where with this small survey.

Jonathan Ferrey

This site has grown in leaps and bounds since I joined three years ago.  The community has been amazing and continues to impress me with fanposts, amazing insight  and witty banter. I love that we have come up with our own inside jokes and that despite all the differences of opinions we remain civil and level headed.

During our interactions on this site sometimes our current location comes up and over the years we have seen some pretty far flung places. We would now like you to help us create a map of where our readership is.

Here is what we need: Either use the link to the map below to post a pin in your general location or give us your location in the comments below. If you are from a far flung location give us a brief summary of how you ended up following the Portland Timbers. To add to the discussion please also tell us your favorite Timber of all time.

So all you Lurkers out there, create an account and join the fun. Those who have been with use awhile don't assume we know where you are from. Let's see how many places we can get! The TA Is everywhere!

Click here for the SF Community Map (Just give a general location and not the exact location of your home)