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Stumptown Footy Needs You!

We are looking for a few good writers.

Jonathan Ferrey

2013 was a big year for Stumptown Footy. We saw the Thorns win a championship in their first year of existence, the Timbers make a historic turnaround, and plenty of people stopping by our site. We have also seen several of our writers move on to bigger and better things (Hey, Geoff, Andy, and Jonanna!), so we are turning to you for reinforcements. We need a new writer to cover the Thorns beat, but we are also looking for anyone who wants to get involved writing about the team.

Here are the details:

What am I applying for?

1. Portland Thorns Beat Writer

We need someone who knows women's soccer inside and out: the game, the players, and the history. You will be responsible for pre and post-game content, with help from the Stumptown Footy Writers. You will also be expected to provide opinion and insight into the team, and attend Thorns on a regular basis.

We need someone who can commit to writing at least two Thorns-centric articles a week. Knowledge of the women's game is very important. Previous online or sports writing experience is a plus.

2. Contributing Author

We are always looking for more voices to add to our site and, while the FanPosts have yielded some amazing articles over the last year, we would like to bring on some folks as more consistent contributors. If you have something to add to the site and want to become a regular contributor, let us know.

One area we would like to improve our coverage in is the community involvement that is such a large part of the Portland soccer community.


Stumptown Footy is the most read Portland Timbers fan-site on the internet and we want to continue providing our readers with excellent coverage of Portland soccer and a community that any fan can join. To do that we need folks to continue to get involved by sharing their knowledge, expertise, and opinions with everyone who stops by the site.


Apply now! The Timbers' preseason kicks off next week and the Thorns will be following soon thereafter, so we are looking to bring our newest contributors on board immediately. Ideally, we will be wrapping the search up by the end of the month.


Our Thorns writer will need to be in Portland regularly to help cover team games, practices, and events, but our contributing writers can work from anywhere.


Just fill out one or both of the applications below.

Portland Thorns Beat Writer

Contributing Writer

We can't pay you for your writing, but this is an opportunity to get involved in an exciting field at an important time in American soccer's development.

Questions? Let us know in the comments below.