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Portland Timbers Man of the Match: Which Diego? Diego Diego?

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Who looked best in the Timbers' 0-0 draw?

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers may not have gotten on the score sheet against Real Salt Lake on Friday, but the 0-0 draw still packed in the excitement. With both teams breaking down the field with abandon, the chances came often in the Timbers' final home match of the regular season. Despite the lack of scoring, who was the Man of the Match against RSL?

Kevin: Diego Chara

I don't think I've actually picked Chara as a MotM before. He just plays so consistently well. But in this game it seemed like Chara was playing on a new level. RSL were rarely goal dangerous and the biggest reason was Chara.

Kevin really, really wanted to pick Nick Rimando, but I wouldn't let him. -Will

Michael: Diego Chara

Playing with Ben Zemanski has freed Chara to roam wherever he pleases, or more accurately wherever he's needed. That has translated into a more complete central midfield, albeit one with a bit less of an attacking thrust. Chara was as good as we've ever seen him in the first half, cleaning up messes, disrupting RSL's offensive movements and starting the odd breakout toward Nick Rimando. That the Timbers couldn't score in this game is not on Chara's shoulders, but the fact that RSL didn't either is a testament to his terrific game.

Will: Diego Chara

Chara is always everywhere on defense. Recently, however, we have seen him apply his ridiculous ability to pop up wherever needed to the Timbers' attack as well. With Zemanski generally sitting behind him, Chara has been freed up to run the break, spray the ball around the pitch, and generally make life hell for the opposing team no matter where the ball is.

Who was your Man of the Match against Real Salt Lake? Vote in the poll and share your pick in the comments below.